Thursday, January 16, 2020

Which Hangar Doors is Right for You

Bottom Rolling Hangar Doors

Bottom rolling hangar doors are ideal for very large applications. Because these hangars are usually very high, lift doors are definitely not an option due to shear weight. There are very few things that can cause problems with this type of door, so they are units without power. A powered rolling door is probably the simplest powered or assisted unit with a large electric motor that powers the drive wheels using a simple direct chain drive.

Hydraulic Swinging Hangar Doors

Hydraulic swing doors have great potential. The concept is simple. Lift the entire door assembly from the vertical (closed) position to horizontal (fully open). An important feature of this type of door is that it must be relatively lightweight. Lifting the door in this way requires a lot of hydraulic pressure, so the weight must be minimized. The manufacturer of these doors does not specifically state this, but it makes sense that these hangar doors are most often used in environments that do not experience chronic high winds. Hydraulic swing door pivots to lift the door so it does not retract into the hangar when open

Sliding Hangar Doors

Sliding hangar doors are the only option for large aircraft hangars, and their owners need to plan accordingly. If hangar owners are building new hangars for small and medium-sized aircraft, hydraulic swing doors are a very attractive option. They are virtually quiet and only need one person to operate

Bi-Folding Hangar Doors

Bi-Folding doors have been on the market for many years and work very well. They are not well suited for business aircraft and are not efficient in vertical space, making them ideal for general aviation. However, opening the door using heavy nylon straps or steel cables requires much less maintenance than a hydraulic system. The main advantage of this design is that it is cheaper and easier to operate than hydraulic systems.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

What are the Automatic Gate? Benefits of automatic gates

Safety and comfort are the best things a residence should have to ensure facilities at a practical, convenient and affordable price. If the Automatic Gate and special driveway gates were once for rich and noblemen, they are now within reach of people with different budgets. Organizations and businesses look forward to increasing space security by selecting special gates in the form of automatic gates. Automatization has become a popular choice, whether in warehouses or large areas. An automatic gate is a type of gate that draws power from the main power source and runs on electricity to open a gate on a driveway.

When it comes to automatic gates, there are different options for style, settings, and needs. You can find almost any type of gate to suit your needs and situation. Whether you use such a gate in a commercial or residential space, you will find the right gate for your application. Such a gate greatly improves the level of comfort and security. Material choices are also abundant in wood, steel, iron, etc. to increase security. A wide range of gates is available, from basic automatic fence gates to huge automatic fence gates. Gates use sophisticated mechanisms and technologies. However, purchasing a particular type of gate depends on your budget and application.

automatic gates

Types of Automatic Gates

We are manufacturers of various types of Automatic Gates like automatic sliding gates, Swing Gates, Telescopic Gates, Barrier Gate, motorised sliding gates & more in India. Motorised sliding gates are smooth, easy & noise-free.

  • Sliding Gates: Sliding gates are more secure than swing gates. It is very difficult to force this type of gate to open. Due to the rigid structure, swing gates have few fragile points. The width of the sliding gate can be as high as 15 meters. You can purchase a sliding automatic gate in any kind of commercial space. Nihva automatic sliding gates come in various patterns and designs as per a customer ’s requirements.

  • Swing Gates: This is the best type of automatic gate used by organizations looking for an aesthetically appealing gate. Perfect and functional for a majestic house. This increases the security of the space and gives it a royal touch. Because it is automated, the gate operates with the help of remote control. Swing gates can be completely deterred by intruders with additional features such as electric pulses and barbed wire.

  • Telescopic Gates: The telescoping gate saves space because it is similar to a sliding gate. When you open this automatic gate, the sections tend to overlap each other. Therefore, you can use this type of gate whenever the security is of paramount importance. You can operate the gate through different access controls. Paint the gate as needed.

  • Barrier Gates: This is another type of automatic gate used in toll gates, garages and traffic control areas. Its main component is the separate gate arm of the housing and motor assembly at departure. A popular type of automatic gate helps reduce the speed and breach of toll lanes.

  • Cantilever Sliding Gates: Cantilever sliding gates have better operation, functioning and looks due to its modern technology and improved reverse motion mechanism. these gates are introduced with an aim to overcome the shortcomings of standard sliding gates and grow in terms of new trend & modern technology. Our cantilever sliding gates are supported on only one end, the roadway is free of track & supported by rollers which slide in a tubular track fitted to the bottom of the gate.

  • Motorised Sliding Gates: These Motorised Sliding Gates operate on a simple but effective mechanism by sliding on both sides of the opening. Because these sliding gates are manufactured using tested graded steel, the sling gates are powerful in protecting facilities from unauthorized access. Unique design and in-house manufacturing process. Motorised Sliding Gates are offered in different patterns and designs depending on customer requirements. Upper and lower rollers with high-quality CNC finish.

Therefore, you can choose from various types of automatic gates. NIHVA Technologies Pvt Ltd  topmost manufacturer of automatic gates in India

Monday, January 13, 2020

No. 1 Door Automation Solution Company in India

Door Automation Solution

NIHVA Technologies Pvt. Ltd is No. 1 Door automation solution company in India. This recognized position has been achieved through years of effort, innovation, quality commitment and reliable customer service. 

The company specialises in designing, manufacturing and installing customised products conforming to the highest safety standards complemented with reliability and energy efficiency. We are proud of our products & service range offered with a high level of working safety, comfort, functionality and supported by value-added solutions & services. Proud To Be Associated as an authorised business partner of Assa Abloy entrance systems in India

Product Includes-

  • Sectional doors
  • Puff panel doors
  • Dock leveler
  • High speed doors
  • Rapid doors
  • automatic PVC doors
  • Hangar door
  • sliding hangar door
  • Sliding gate
  • Telescopic gate
  • Telescopic Conveyor
  • Automatic sliding Roof
  • Scissor Lift
  • Aviation Doors or Aircraft Hangar Doors

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Thursday, December 26, 2019

NIHVA - Puff Panel Doors Manufacturer from Pune

Nihva Leading Manufacturer of puf panel, Puff Panel Doors, puf insulated door and wall puf panel, plain puf panel door from Pune. 

PUF Panel

PUF panels suitable for a variety of applications consist of a rigid core sandwiched between sheet metal structural boards. Nihva top PUF panel manufacturers in pune, provides breakthrough insulation innovations with roof and wall cladding for prefabricated PUF panels.

Features of PUF Panel
  • Improved heat insulation and sound insulation
  • Energy savings for huge economic benefits
  • Available with unlimited dimensional requirements
  • Lifetime durability and high load capacity
  • Excellent steam resistance
  • Flexible design options
  • Easy installation and low maintenance requirements
  • PUF sheet roofing material that can be used immediately and looks beautiful
  • Used as a structural insulation panel (SIP) that eliminates the need for masonry
  • Lifetime weather guarantee
  • Best flame retardant with self-extinguishing
  • Polyurethane foam insulation panel is 100% environmentally friendly
  • Resistant to corrosion, termites, physical impacts and fungi

Puff Panel Doors

Nihva providing to customers an extensive collection of Puff Panel Doors

Puff Panel Doors, sectional doors

Puf Insulated Door 

We offer valuable customers a wide range of Puf Insulated Doors. This door is designed and manufactured using optimal grade raw materials and advanced technology under the supervision of our skilled team of experts. The doors provided are widely valued worldwide for their ruggedness and fire resistance. The provided door will be used in cold storage, freezer and other places. This Puf Insulated Door is offered to customers in a variety of specifications at market leading rates

Features of Puf Insulated Door
  • Robust structure
  • Easy installation
  • Fine finish
  • Exact dimensions

Puff Panel Doors, sectional doors, Puf Insulated Door

PUF Sandwich Panels

Nihva offered PUF Sandwich Panels with best quality. The high quality raw materials used in its manufacture give the panel a commendable structure, excellent strength and a very long life. Widely used to build roofs and walls in some industries.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Industrial Sectional Overhead Door - NIHVA

Industrial sectional door, sectional door, sectional doors, Sectional Overhead Doors

Industrial sectional doors have multiple panel sections built to withstand heavy use, using the main double-skin steel foam-filled panels as well as aluminium frames and glass panels for a variety of high-quality views. A vertically open door built using: The vertical openings in these doors allow more space in front of and behind the door, allowing vehicles to park closer and utilize more space in the building.

When open, the section of the industrial door is properly folded and laid flat under the ceiling.

For sloping roofs, you can order a special truck so that the door panels open along the roof, and if you have headroom, you can also have a cross-section door that rises perpendicular to the wall.

Manufactured to your specific requirements, our industrial sectional doors offer reliable service and excellent ease of use. Combine with exceptional levels of access control that can withstand high usage to address all levels of industrial workload.

These industrial sectional doors offer uncompromising quality and reliability not only for the quality of the door panels and operating mechanisms but also for the highly developed, state-of-the-art access control and automation systems used. The excellent pricing of Nihva sectional doors is also a very clever and attractive solution for most commercial and industrial facilities.

One of the most useful aspects of a sectional overhead door is that it can take guide rails straight from a horizontal position, through various angles and vertically straight. In most commercial and industrial buildings, you can make the most of the interior use along with the roofline building space. You can also add 45-degree and 90-degree bends to trucks while retaining the option of manually or electrically operated doors.

The spring mechanism can be positioned for optimal fixation points or for a variety of low, medium, or high usage motor drive unit options.

Industrial Sectional Door by NIHVA is perfect for all industrial areas requirements. NIHVA providing high-quality Sectional Overhead Doors in Pune, India

Friday, December 13, 2019

NIHVA provides efficient dock levelers in India

Sectional Overhead Door, Sectional Doors, Dock Leveler, Dock levellers, Dock leveller, Types of Dock levelers, loading dock leveler, automatic dock levelers, loading dock leveller

Sectional Overhead Door, Sectional Doors, Dock Leveler, Dock levellers, Dock leveller, Types of Dock levelers, loading dock leveler, automatic dock levelers, loading dock leveller

The importance of efficient product loading is always clear and has increased over the years for two reasons in essence. As a result, talented human resources whose qualities decline are used.

Product loading and unloading costs can be calculated accurately and defined accurately. This allows for a scientific approach to finding investments that are invested in the process. NIHVA has always designed solutions based on this scientific approach and client feedback. The company's Dock levellers guarantee loading and unloading with less effort and minimal cost.

Products can be loaded and unloaded in a safe manner, and significant energy savings are obtained in the process. The loading platform has the dock leveler in a stationary position and the section overhead doors closed until the vehicle is in place. The driver drives back to the center of the dock shelter and stops the vehicle as soon as it touches the bumper.

The Sectional Overhead Door opens only when the vehicle is in place, brakes are applied, and the engine is stopped. This eliminates hot air exhaust, cool air inhalation (or opposite in hot and unfavorable indoor conditions), and exhaust gas inhalation. Warehouse. After the sectional overhead door is opened, the lip of the dock leveler is connected to the track bed for loading / unloading.

At the end of loading / unloading, place the dock leveler in a stationary position without moving the vehicle and close the Sectional Doors. The vehicle then leaves at the end of the process.

NIHVA Technologies Pvt. Ltd

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What is a Dock Leveler

Dock Leveler

The Dock leveler fills the space between the vehicle and the dock for safe loading and unloading. Levelers simplify the movement of goods between the dock and the cargo area of the vehicle. It also protects cargo and personnel from damage and injury. Levelers are specially designed to withstand impacts and sometimes rough handling of goods during daily loading and unloading operations.

In addition, dock levelers can be perfectly adapted to your business, from manual dock plates and equipment to automatic dock levelers.

Different Types of Dock Levelers

Hydraulic Levelers

Designed for high capacity, the hydraulic dock leveller makes loading and unloading products in the loading dock a simpler process than mechanical.

Mechanical Levelers

Mechanical dock levellers are easy to operate, durable, reliable and energy-saving. If you want to change the mechanical leveller to a hydraulic leveller at a later date, Pentalift can retrofit the leveler with a hydraulic conversion kit.

Air Levelers 

The Airdock Leveler is operated using an air drive system. If you are considering a pneumatic dock leveler, we recommend that you choose a hydraulic leveler instead. This is considered safer, the installation process is cheaper, easier to clean, and more customization options are available.

Vertical Dock Levelers

This option is designed for clean and temperature controlled environments and operates hydraulically.

For more info about Dock levellers and loading dock leveller

NIHVA Technologies Pvt. Ltd
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Thermax Chowk MIDC,
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